What Is Mediation?

what is mediation

Mediation is non-binding alternative dispute resolution process to settle and resolve cases and legal issues. The mediator serves as a neutral third-party trained in the law, dispute resolution process, and working with people to resolve conflict. Mediation is a preferred and modern method which many judges, court systems, attorneys, and individuals prefer to use during the course of a lawsuit or pending legal matter.

Mediation is an art and not perfect science. However, even if mediation is unsuccessful, the parties and attorneys usually walk away with a greater insight into the case and appreciate that they explored the possibility of a settlement agreement.
Some potential benefits or advantages of mediation are that the parties are given greater input and flexibility regarding the terms and conditions of the settlement agreement, mediation may occur sooner than trial or evidentiary hearing, mediation is usually far less expensive than traditional litigation and trial, and mediation may occur privately and confidentially in-person or by Zoom as opposed to a public trial at a state or federal courthouse.

The modern lawsuit may take 1-3 years to resolve or reach trial depending on the facts, causes of action or claims, defenses, legal theories, witnesses, experts, and trial date. Mediation does not replace the right to a trial, but it does give the parties an opportunity to take a “break” or “step-back” to evaluate the case, seek the guidance and assistance of a neutral third-party, and attempt in good faith to settle the lawsuit or case before a trial.

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