What Is Municipal Law?

municipal law

At Miller King Law Firm, we represent different local governmental entities or municipalities, such as municipal corporations, police and fire commission boards, and civil service commissions. We believe in representing municipalities because it provides an opportunity for us to give back to the community in which we serve and live. It is also an opportunity to not only serve the local municipality, but help fellow citizens make their local government work and function, namely for individuals, families, and small businesses. 

We offer affordable yet assertive legal advocacy as well as place an emphasis on practical application of the law. We strive to offer sound practical advice, propose reasonable and unique legal solutions to resolve disputes, attend city council and board meetings, appear in court as necessary, and work with local citizens to promote a transparent local government. 

Our representation is grounded with the understanding that the citizens, who are the taxpayers, expect their local government and its elected officials to function and perform properly. Our goal is to provide not just sound legal advice, but to engage and seek conflict resolution.

What Are a Few Examples of Municipal Law?

In Municipal Law, issues may arise out of the hiring and termination of employees, parks and recreation, street department, eminent domain, open meetings act, freedom of information, union contracts, zoning, landlord-tenant, governmental contracts, and the environment. 

We have faced and solved many complex issues as legal professionals. We are glad to speak with you about representing your local government body or entity. 

At MillerKing Law Firm, we have six lawyers with all different backgrounds, skills, and diverse experience. We are a comprehensive local-based law firm with a practice area dedicated to Municipal Law. For more information, you can reach us at (618) 462-8405 or visit our website https://millerkinglaw.com/.