Does MillerKing Help NonProfits?


At MillerKing Law Firm, we proudly represent, counsel, and support Not-for-Profit or nonprofits organizations in a variety of ways and circumstances. 

A Not-for-Profit organization may be established or organized for charitable, religious, athletic, social, and educational purposes. The founding and establishment of a nonprofit is usually to carry out a specific mission to support a particular group of people or a specific cause. Often, Not-for-Profit organizations do not know where to turn for legal advice or representation when facing a difficult decision, legal or business dispute, or to seek conflict resolution before serious escalation or litigation. As an example, a Not-for-Profit organization may be facing concerns or seeking answers to questions about liability exposure regarding a human resource issue, such as terminating a troublesome employee, or entering into a long-term commercial lease agreement. Not-for-Profits, which are often limited monetarily or economically, are greatly benefitted when they have access to reasonable, practical yet assertive, and competent legal advice or representation.   

As a comprehensive community based law firm, we offer legal advice, establish and organize, and support and participate in the life and activities of Not-for-Profit organizations. We truly believe and see the value in giving back to our community. If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (618) 462-8405 or visiting our website at