Comprehensive Attorneys

In the 21st century, the modern lawyer is equipped with technology that was unforeseeable a generation ago. The modern lawyer has access to a computer, laptop, tablet or iPad, and cell phone with vast internet and communication capabilities. The modern lawyer may practice his/her craft during the same day at an office, coffee shop, or parking space nearby the courthouse. The modern lawyer may check-in with the office remotely by working from home. No longer is a lawyer restrained to an office desk or law library for everyday work.

Despite the advantages of technology, the way lawyers interact and collect as a professional group has changed in terms of collaboration, socialization, and structure. The modern lawyer, if not careful, can become isolated with limited human connection and diminished professional relationships. As result of technology, flexibility and increased self-reliance, the legal market has witnessed the breakdown or near extinction of traditional or comprehensive law firms.

The traditional or comprehensive law firm included a team of lawyers, working under one roof, engaging each lawyer’s background, concentration, and skill sets. The traditional or comprehensive law firm allowed for lawyers to collectively and collaboratively brainstorm, communicate, attend court dates, and represent a single client in a variety of matters. For example, one client may experience multiple legal issues, such as going through a divorce, a pending traffic case, and an existing personal injury claim (auto accident). In a traditional or comprehensive law firm, this client would have the benefit of being represented by one law firm instead of seeking representation among different law offices or lawyers. The traditional or comprehensive law firm is a one-stop-shop offering a multitude of legal services to clients all under one roof. This breakdown or near extinction of a traditional or comprehensive law firms has complicated the choice of a lawyer, sent clients searching in many directions online and geographically for representation, and isolated the connection among lawyers.

MillerKing LLC is a traditional or comprehensive community-based law firm that represents our clients in a multitude or variety of legal matters. We practice law under one roof. With a team of 6 lawyers and experienced staff members, each lawyer focuses and concentrates in 2-3 practice areas. As a team, we work on cases, brainstorm, communicate, problem-solve, attend court hearings, and try cases. In addition to offering legal services, we sponsor and participate in local charities, faith-based groups, youth sports, and community or civic outreach. As a one-stop-shop, MillerKing models a team approach, while still utilizing modern technology, to serve each client in various areas of the law. The team approach allows for each lawyer to work collectively, focus on specific practice areas, and avoid isolation.

As a traditional, comprehensive community-based law firm, MillerKing LLC strives to seek the best result for each client in a competent, ethical, and professional manner. For more information about MillerKing LLC, call at (618) 462-8405.