Hiring a Lawyer During a Pandemic

hiring a lawyer

In March 2020, the world was taken by surprise and dismay. The novel virus, which is commonly referred to “Coronavirus,” created uncertain and uncharted times. In the United States, ordinary social interactions, education, sports, healthcare, the court system, and national economy have been impacted, changed, or even prohibited.

Despite the novel virus and its impact on the court systems, the judicial process must continue to operate in the pursuit of truth and justice under the United States and Illinois Constitutions. Although there have been delays for good reason, people remain in need of a remedy, court order, or final decision in their cases or legal disputes.

Considering these circumstances, how can one communicate and/or hire a lawyer? With social/safe distancing guidelines and limitations of face-to-face meetings, what options are available for one to speak to and hire a lawyer?

Pandemic Safety Questions To Ask When Hiring a Lawyer

First, a potential client or client should call the lawyer’s/law firm’s office. Speak with the staff about meeting options, including the opportunity to schedule a personalized meeting. With sufficient office space, the potential client orclient may be afforded the opportunity to meet and talk while social/safe distancing. Second, the use of technology is more relevant today than ever (Not everyone is equally capable or willing to use technology; therefore, a personalized meeting is always best practice under safe conditions).

The use of phone, fax, email, text message, and live video conferencing remain viable or secondary options. Specifically, by utilizing live video conferencing, the potential client or client may speak directly with the lawyer, experience one-on-one interaction, and make use of visual aids, such as presenting a fee agreement, reviewing a contract, or viewing pictures. The use of email may supplement the ability to share and exchange documents during the live video conference. Third, remain diligent and optimistic that one will find the correct lawyer or law firm for the legal issue.

hiring a lawyer  hiring a lawyer

Despite the pandemic, potential clients and clients must be assured that he/she has real and reasonable access to legal advice and representation. With modern technology, clear lines of communications, occurring between the client and lawyer, must remain a priority and mainstay in the attorney-client relationship.

Why Choose MillerKing LLC?

MillerKing LLC is a traditional or comprehensive community-based law firm that represents our clients in a multitude or variety of legal matters. We practice law under one roof. With a team of 6 lawyers and experienced staff members, each lawyer focuses and concentrates in 2-3 practice areas. As a team, we work on cases, brainstorm, communicate, problem-solve, attend court hearings, and try cases. In addition to offering legal services, we sponsor and participate in local charities, faith-based groups, youth sports, and community or civic outreach. As a “one stop shop,” MillerKing Law models a team approach, while still utilizing modern technology, to serve each client in various areas of the law. The team approach allows for each lawyer to work collectively, focus on specific practice areas, and avoid isolation.   

As a traditional, comprehensive community-based law firm, MillerKing Law strives to seek the best result for each client in a competent, ethical, and professional manner. For more information about MillerKing Law or hiring a lawyer during a pandemic, call us at (618) 462-8405.